Do you have a lead magnet your ideal customers will love if only they knew who you were? Stop putting all your energy into chronic self promotion. Reach your ideal customers by sharing the spotlight with brands they already trust.

Want Steady, Relevant Traffic To Discover Your Lead Magnet?

Grow your list, income, and brand authority by turning your best competitors into your best friends.

Find & Qualify Your Dream Collab Buddies In One Place

Easily search Kolabu's database for brands who serve the same customers as you do. Filter by niche, consumer demographics, lead magnet type, email list size, location, and more. Forget about collaborating for the sake of it; qualify prospective partners before working with them by inspecting their lead magnets and active social media accounts, and by reading their collab buddy interests blurb to make sure your values align.

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Approach & Build Rapport With Your Dream Collab Buddies

Our members are brands who understand how profitable long-term partnerships are, which is why we encourage our members to not only inspect each other's profiles, but meet for vibe checks and foster their connections. Kolabu was made to help you meet your business besties who actually care about your success and vice versa. Pitch artists and vanity metrics chasers needn't join. We're all about building recipricol connections with our ideal customers—and each other!

Our awesome features
Transform Each Other's Lives & Businesses Through The Power Of Collaboration

Make guest appearances, promote each other's freebies and limited time deals, swap coupon codes, join each other's boxed sets and bundles, and more! Become a curator of amazing deals your audience will love, even if they're not always your own. In exchange, you'll establish yourself as a generous, reputable brand to both your ideal customers and your ideal collab buddies. P.S. You won't believe how easy and fun lead generation, lead nurture and email marketing, and scaling your sales is about to get.

Our awesome features
Join The Collaborative Marketing Revolution

From community to exclusivity, and from narrowed locale and niche features, we have lots in store! And you'll get a say in the evolution of this company by upvoting the features you want us to build out first. As an early adopter, please enjoy Kolabu for free!

Our awesome features


Because you don't have to share your profits to share the wealth ✌️

Our awesome features

Kolabu Is NOT For You If...

You don't have a professional lead magnet that upwards of hundreds of customers could opt in for

You have zero interest in lifting up other brands as much if not more than your own

You're only looking for speaking gigs but would never—at bare minimum—ask an interview host, "How can I return the favor?"

You're looking for advice on how to beat algorithms and increase your odds of going viral

You're looking for random group promo threads with other brands you'll never talk to again

Our awesome features

But It Is For You If...

The idea of working with instead of against like-minded brands makes your heart sing

You're tired of following trends and appeasing algorithms as a (slow) growth strategy

You're a creative with a gift but you know it's time to become a business with a predicatable and scalable system too

You want to implement a free, fun, future-proof strategy that builds trust with customers and influential friends

And you love your audience enough to share nonstop value with them, even if it means sharing offers that aren't always your own

Join Kolabu, a members-only database that makes finding and vetting your ideal partners easy

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Got a question? We've got answers.

Often, creatives try to promote the same products and services over and over to their tapped out networks, when what they really need is new customers. Your customers start off as strangers in the customer journey. So imagine instead of asking complete strangers to trust that your offers are perfect for them, you have collab buddies (who your ideal customers already trust) do it for you. Collaborative promotions not only help you get warm traffic, they also help you nurture your leads when done right. Rather than creating new products for existing customers all the time, collabs allow us to stay top of mind by sharing our business besties' offers that you know your customers will love!

Like our ideal customers, our ideal collaborators must get to know, like, and trust us. We can easily burn bridges in our industries by asking for favors too soon. Unlike other collaborative apps, Kolabu isn't about quantity, but quality. It's a community for relationship-builders who can smell vanity from a mile away. That's why I always recommend reaching out to say hello to your ideal collab buddies with no strings attached. Build rapport first... Foster a connection... If they trust you to treat their audience well AND see that you have an offer their audience will love, you'll almost always get a 'Yes!' to collabs, even from brands with bigger audiences than your own. Just remember: no one wants to be pitched. Kolabu is a place to make finding, vetting and approaching your prospective collaborators easy, but we do not tolerate solicitation and take reported issues with users seriously.

A lead magnet is a gift or ethical bribe on a landing page that incentivizes users to opt in to your list or community. If your lead magnet is a work in progress, you can still join Kolabu. That said, your listing will not appear in the database until you add a link to your lead magnet in your user profile. This way, prospective partners can inspect it to make sure it's something their audiences would enjoy. Examples of lead magnets include ebooks, summits, webinars, quizzes, discount codes, and NFT airdrops. The reason Kolabu only accepts lead magnets is simply that it's not your collaborator's job to sell your paid products and services. Though you can specify whether you're an affiliate marketer in your user profile, we are not an affiliate marketing community.

Nope! Always put our customers first. If you train your audience to expect irrelevant content, they won't stick around, so really be sure to vet your prospective partners. Also, make sure you fill out your collab buddy interests blurb section so other Kolabu members know what you are (and are not) looking for in a collaboration.

Kolabu will build out a community and more sophisticated chat options for our users in the coming year. Early adopters can upvote the features they want built out first. As a thank you for being an early adopter, please enjoy Kolabu for free!

Contact Jess Kotzer at jess@selfpubhub.org.